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Instructions and Information on Suspension Parts


Lowered track rod installed.  It clears the GTA oil pan and allows the engine and GB to be removes and installed without having to disconnect the track rod.  The bend is reinforced with a 1/8" plate embedded in the bend."

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STEERING/ SUSPENSION ULTIMATE BUMP STEER KIT.  The spherical lower ball joint raises the spindle and lowers the car 1.2".  The longer steering knuckle increases the angle of the upper arm and takes the place of the old Autodelta knuckle riser.  This geometry change creates camber gain needed to counter the roll in turns.   The aluminum close ratio steering arm quickens the steering input.  When installed together with the furnished spacers, the bump steer is within a minimal range.  Further fine tuning can be accomplished adding or subtracting spacers.

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ALUMINUM CR STEERING ARM  is 1/2" shorter than standard and eliminated one pound of unsprung weight.  For race applications only.   Can be used with steering that has been converted to 1/2" rod ends.  Can be drilled out for systems converted to 5/8" rod ends.  Adding this arm to your existing steering set up will screw up the bump steer.  You will have to check the bump steer all over and install the necessary spacers.

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